Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I add music to my library?

Resonance uses the music library on the iOS device. Resonance users with Apple Music subscription and the iCloud Music Library setting enabled (iOS Device -> Settings -> Music -> (Library) iCloud Music Library) can add songs from the Friends, Search and Library Artists and Albums to their iCloud Libraries by clicking the “Add Item To Library Icon” which is accessible on songs display in the friends section and as swipe action on Search and Library Albums and Artists sections.
In addition, any changes to the music library on the iOS device outside of Resonance are automatically synced by Resonance and are available for playback.

Q. How can I create new playlist or add songs to an existing playlist

New playlists can be created by clicking the + button in the Library Playlists section. Songs can be added to existing playlists by clicking the + button on the playlist details sections. Playlists created /edited on the device outside Resonance are synced automatically.

Q. How can I remove music / edit playlists from my library?

Resonance does not support removing items from library or edits to existing library content (add items to playlist is an exception). However, deletions / edits to the library outside of Resonance will be synced.

Q. How can I troubleshoot playback issues?

Resonance uses the iOS music infrastructure to playback music. Users with Apple Music Subscription / iCloud Music Library should enable internet connections to use Resonance. Also, consider checking that the following iOS Music App settings are set appropriately.
* iOS Device -> Settings -> Music -> (Library) Cellular Data
* iOS Device -> Settings -> Music -> (Downloads) Downloaded Music
* iOS Device -> Settings -> Music -> (Downloads) Optimize Storage
* iOS Device -> Settings -> Music -> (Downloads) Automatic Downloads
Restarting Resonance application can fix playback issues as well.

Q. What data about my song plays is collected automatically and how can I manage automatic data collection?

If a user is logged in with their Facebook account on Resonance, data on what songs they are playing is automatically collected with user details as the user plays songs. Users can view which song plays have been recorded in the database by selecting the “My” filter in the Friends section. Users can delete their songs by swiping on the song they want to delete and clicking the delete button.
Users can log out of Facebook on the Resonance application if they do not wish for their song plays to be automatically recorded in the database.
Consider reviewing the Privacy Policy which has more details on how user data is used in Resonance.

Q. How can I manage sharing my song plays with friends?

User’s song plays are shared with their friends on Resonance by default to help them discover new music. Users can manage which friends can view their song activity by editing the Share settings for the friends (Resonance -> Settings -> (Friends) Manage)

Q. How can I customize my Friends section to include / exclude song plays from certain friends?

User’s can customize the Friends section by selecting which friend’s song activity is displayed. User’s can customize this by enabling/disabling the Follow settings for friends (Resonance -> Settings -> (Friends) Manage)

Q. How to delete my account from Resonance?

To terminate your account and delete the User Data in Resonance, or process other User Data related requests, contact us at

Q. How can I get support for Resonance?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Resonance, please feel free to contact us at